What is Guardianship?

There are times when our loved ones need help. Due to life-long disabilities, traumatic injuries, or the effects of aging, a loved one has lost the ability to manage their daily affairs and/or take care of themselves physically.

When this challenge becomes so daunting that our loved ones no longer have the capacity to make decisions for themselves responsibly, we must establish a guardianship to protect and advocate for them legally.

By the time this has occurred, it is too late to simply have them sign a power of attorney. They no longer have the legal capacity to make that decision.

Because that loved one needs your help, Junker Law, PLLC will help you secure guardianship of the person and/or estate to advocate for that loved one legally.

Guardian’s Responsibilities

A guardian is responsible for the duties ordered by the court, including:

  • Paying the ward’s bills.
  • Establishing where the ward will live
  • Making medical decisions for the ward
  • Maintaining the ward’s assets to the greatest extent possible.
  • Ensuring the ward’s needs are met to the extent allowed by the ward’s funds and resources allow.

Guardians must file annual reports and/or annual accountings with the court. Junker Law, PLLC is committed to helping you through the guardianship process as efficiently as possible. To start a guardianship, please contact us for a free consultation.

More Guardianship Services

Special Needs Trusts

Guardianship for Special Needs Adult Children

With guardianship, you (as the guardian) are given full or partial decision-making power for your adult child (as the ward) in order for you to continue to protect them as you have done prior to them becoming an adult.

Cropped image of healthcare worker holding patient's hand. Close-up of nurse consoling patient. They are in hospital.

Elder Care Guardianship

A guardianship of the person will allow you to make decisions on the care plan of your elderly loved one while guardianship over the estate will give you power over their finances.