Medical & Business Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney

Texas requires that you have a separate power of attorney for your medical needs.  Your durable power of attorney allows someone to take care of your business assets. A medical power of attorney allows you to authorize someone to take care of your health and well being.

The responsible person you select will be able to talk to doctors and medical institutes and make medical decisions for you when you cannot make them for yourself as long as the decision is not between life and death.  That decision should be left in your hands.

Durable Power of Attorney

We all think about how we want to distribute our estate when we die. But, what happens to your property and assets if you are incapacitated? A durable power of attorney (DPOA) can help protect your property in the event you become physically unable or mentally incompetent to handle financial matters. If no one is ready to look after your financial affairs when you can’t, your property may be wasted, abused, or lost.

A DPOA allows you to authorize someone else to act on your behalf, so he or she can do things like pay everyday expenses, collect benefits, watch over your investments, and file taxes. They step into your shoes.

There are two types of DPOAs: (1) a standby DPOA, which is effective immediately (this is appropriate if you face a serious operation or illness), and (2) a springing DPOA, which is not effective unless you have become incapacitated.

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